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Practical Driving Tutorials

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This application contains 20 practical lessons on how to drive like what the examiner wants.This app teaches you how to use the brakes, the clutch, the speed awareness, how to stop in the traffic, coasting and wheel spin and much more.this application is suitable for new driving learners and also for experimented ones who likes to refresh their memory and drive more professionally and more safely.ractical driving test tutorialsWhether you are already an experienced driver or currently learning, there is never enough advice, tips and tutorials to help you pass the difficult practical driving test.The practical driving test has a reputation for being one of the most difficult to pass. Driving Test Tips is constantly adding new tutorials and updating current tutorials to help you do just that.The free test tutorials listed on Driving Test Tips are comprehensive and detailed in every area, are written and designed by fully qualified and experienced driving instructors. If followed correctly and if applicable, used in conjunction with your current instructors techniques, they will provide an invaluable source of help. Cockpit DrillThe cockpit drill is the very first procedure you will be taught by a driving instructor on your first driving lesson. Learning the cockpit drill will provide you with knowledge on all the relevant car safety aspects and controls. Much of your first driving lesson will be taken up by learning the cockpit drill, although most good driving schools should allow you to drive once the cockpit drill has been completed. Learning the cockpit drill before your first driving lesson should help to reduce the time the instructor takes teaching you, therefore providing you with more time actually learning to drive. Reading these tutorials may also go some way into reducing the amount spent on driving lessons.Once the cockpit drill has been learnt for the first time, it should take no more than a minute or two to complete on subsequent driving lessons. Much of the cockpit drill relates to the majority of all makes and models of cars although certain controls such as side mirror adjustment controls for example may be operated and located specifically to a certain make and model of car. Such specific controls will be explained by your driving instructor.Are you intending to start driving and you want to get your driving license this is app is a very good start. as you will learn all you need about 2015 Road and traffic signs and rules. This is an international learning app, hat ever where you are in the US, UK, Indonesia, Korea, South Africa, Nigeria, India or Pakistan you will find all you need to succeed your driving licence from the fist attempt.You will learn through this app all the Road and Traffic signs and signals that you need to know to pass you theoretical Driving test. Also you will get tips & secret tricks to succeed your Driving exam from the first attempt.Also we added to this app the maintenance knowledge that you need to know before getting your driving license / licence.
Driving is a passion, Get you driving permit and enjoy driving all the rest of your life.If you are in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Emirates, Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt, Oman, Kenya, Brasil, Argentina or Russia this Driving learning application is also very suitable for your exam.if you are looking for a driving school such Raya / Alrrayah or Khibra / Alkhibra Driving school in Doha, Sharijah, Dubai or Abu Dhabi, Seoul / Korea or elsewhere, this app guides to the right start.